Bicycle Tours – A Great Way to See the World


A great way to see the world and even in your own country, in an economic way, is by taking bicycle tours. You don’t just see the wonderful sights and scenery of a place, but you get these benefits: great exercise, fresh air, meeting wonderful folks along the journey, and all these for a budget amount. The biggest requirement though when you think bicycle tours are a great way for an adventurous travel is that you have to be a cyclist with lots of physical stamina.

However, there are also concerns when you’re a beginner to this form of travel. The idea of travelling alone via a bicycle tour can be a bit daunting. So, if you’re a cyclist and you belong to a cycling club in your area, you may want to discuss your travel plans to a cycling colleague or to your club president and find out if any member or, if not, the club itself might want to join you on this biking tour. In some travel agencies, they do explore and offer San Francisco Bike Tours, where they plan out the routes and destinations, accommodations, meals, a guide, ride support and even a bicycle. The period of travel can reach about 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the destinations and prices do vary. There are also cycling clubs that unify to make arrangements on a bicycle tour, which the club leaders organize, which includes accommodations in outdoor camps or local gyms or motels.

If you prefer to cycle with a couple of friends and chart your own itinerary, look for cycling guides or search in the Internet for maps online, which are available in countries that offer bicycle tours with bicycle routes, especially in Europe. Most of the time, it is the local people who are most helpful to guide you through your planned travel routes.

Some cyclists would like the idea of having a road bike with racks. Searching the Internet will at least give you some information about countries that rent out bicycles for touring, complete with a lock and racks. This becomes most convenient for leaving the rented bikes, as agreed and recommended upon by the bicycle renter. If you prefer to bring your own bike, purchase a pannier (bike bag) so you can bring along your bike when you have to travel to buses or trains or planes.

Bicycle tours provide you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel the world through a bicycle adventure. There may be glitches along the way, the most menacing one is the inclement weather, but if you’re made of the adventurous stuff, that is part of the enjoyable challenge of San Francisco Bike Tour.


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